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Use Pinterest without being tracked online

The Internet is a place where one can discover and learn and a place where your activities can be tracked for marketing; but now Pinterest, the popular site where users ‘pin’ pictures, photos and inspirational quotes, has just announced an option for users to opt out of tracking services. So in an attempt to keep you informed of the latest technological developments, here is the latest news on a developing online privacy issue.

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As part of a a very short list of technologies companies that give users the option to freely use a site, Pinterest has enabled the Do Not Track feature in some Web browsers that allow people to avoid cookies which collect personal information in addition to third-party cookies used for advertising.  Privacy has been a very big issue regarding online activity as seen at Google with  Google Glass and at Kate Spade.

Privacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation are applauding the moves of Silicon Valley companies like Pinterest and Twitter (who also offers a do not track option) who have responded to users request for privacy by offering them a choice when visiting their sites online.

For those of you who don’t select the Do Not Track Feature, Pinterest will be closely watching your activity with a new “board suggestions” option which will suggest targeted content to users with recommendations based on the type of Web sites someone has visited that included a “Pin” button.

An example of the suggested content would be if you visit a beauty Web site that displays the Pinterest Pin, and then go to Pinterest’s Web site, you will see recommendations for beauty related pinboards.

With so much happening with online tracking taking place in the news recently, it will be interesting to see if individuals begins to request more privacy online or will not demonstrate concern; leaving their private information open for all to see.


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