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Top Five Fragrance Etiquette Tips

I was recently chosen as a featured beauty expert to give fragrance etiquette for and so as my thoughts are centered on fragrance and the power it gives one to establish a powerful personal brand I wanted to share some additional tips to keep you fragrance savvy.

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1. Know your scent.

Fragrances are packaged beautifully but do you know what is in the bottle and more importantly what is the difference between an Eau de Parfum and Eau de Cologne? Fragrances are labeled by the amount of perfume oils in a solvent (usually alcohol). More perfume oil means less alcohol and a longer lasting fragrance and a higher price tag.

  • Eau de Parfum contains 20 percent aromatic compounds and is the strongest fragrance option
  • Eau de Toilette is about 10 percent fragrance
  • Eau de Cologne holds 2 to 5 percent fragrance.

2. Don’t overdo fragrance in the office.

Scents can be disruptive in the office and a coworker may be allergic to your fragrance, and some offices even have a fragrance-free environment.  So if your scent seems strong to you it probably is even stronger to everyone else and it is time to use less scent.

3. Place fragrance to the best places on your body. 

Body chemistry can change a scent; so it will smell differently on your skin versus your clothes. The best place to apply fragrance is on pressure points including wrists, inside elbows and behind the knees helping the fragrance travel up all day.

4. Know the appropriate season.

Take into consideration the season your will be wearing the fragrance.  Intense scents like Orientals and Woody notes go well in fall/winter and light scents like Floral and Citrus scents pair well with spring and summer. 

5. Be delicate.

Never rub fragrance on your skin. Rubbing breaks down the scent and compromises the fragrance. The key is to spritz the area of the skin for a longer lasting scent.

Bonus Idea: Score a sample. 

Just because a scent smells great on your friend doesn’t mean it will smell good on you.  Get a sample of a scent before you buy so you can see if it works with your own chemistry and don’t forget to ask your friends opinion.

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