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Top 10 Tips to Write Good Web Content

My mind is swimming with tons of facts, from the start of Fall Fashion, to analyzing my notes from New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014  it is important for me to get my content calendar ready and more importantly to write some stellar features; and so as I think about this topic here are my Top Ten Tips to Write Good Web Content.

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Writing a column or a personal blog can be daunting: you need to make contacts to get the latest information, curate content and write the content (while making the text perfect for web use).

So what is the best way to write good web content?  Well that is the question I am looking to answer today, and here are a few of my suggestions that I use when I am writing.  I also have five tips to create you own Social Media calendar (and a free Downloadable Calendar for you to use) on Bementioned and I would be honored if you would check it out.

  • Show a Unique Point of View

Write about something that you are passionate and knowledgeable about and show off your expertise.

  • Include Hyperlinks

Don’t be afraid to include hyperlinks because they are a great way to offer your readers even more insights and information. And if you are afraid to offer links because you may send web traffic to another site — and you can always choose the “open link in another window” option if you’re that concerned about keeping your traffic.

  • Keep Paragraphs Short

Did you know users usually leave a web pages in between 10-20 seconds? This means people rarely read Web pages word by word; instead, they scan the page, picking out individual words and sentences so write short, concise sentences to have short relevant paragraphs.

  • Know your Audience

It’s very important to understand your target audience.  What are the needs, the hopes, the interests of the people that you want to read your audience? Get to understand their unique viewpoint and write to that personality.

  • Use Spellcheck 

Be consistent in checking content for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. A website with content that contains grammatical and spelling errors can lack credibility and doesn’t cast your personal brand and your content in a favorable light.

  • Do your Research

Readers are very educated today and what they don’t know, they can easily Google to get the answer.  So, make sure you have validated any facts in your content and get to make friends with Dictionary and as I am sure they have missed your company since middle school.

  • Use Simple Language 

Be simple when creating your content.  Sure you may be able to use the latest Buzzword by if it means nothing to your audience you will loose them. Write in plain language keep the fancy phrases for your MBA paper.

  • Keep it Fresh

Publish frequently and with a schedule.  Nothing can loose a reader quicker than when they visit you site and there is no new information.  Create a content calendar and stick to it, so you can always delight your readers with new information.

  • Use Interesting Images

Pictures are a great way to engage your audience.  Make sure you images are relevant for your content and ensure images are resized so that they don’t increase page download times.

  • Write about what you love

What are you an expert in?  Do you love racing cars or the latest makeup? Whatever is your passion begin to write about it.  It’s a great big world out there and chances are there are people who share your same interest or think of it as an opportunity to educate people.  Either way write about what you love, not what people expect you to write about.

I hope these tips and the downloadable calendar help you improve your own content or get you on your way to a new blog or career.


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