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    Internal Communications Strategy Planning Process

    Employee Engagement Strategies Every day Internal Communications takes place. Somewhere in a Fortune 500 company, start-up, government agency, non-profit or small-business a leader emails a message, an internal newsletter is edited, or an in-person meeting takes place between key functional teams (like human resources and the IT department). In each situation, internal communication occurs; yet it is not easy to determine if the messages are part of an internal communications strategy. To help the communications professional learn the current cultural status quo to improve the quality of future messages and interal communications strategy one can start categorizing existing messages to determine if they are part of a Planned or Emergent…

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    Dior Launches New Social Media Marketing Campaign

    The House of Dior is making news by being one of the first couture brands to launch a social media marketing campaign to introduce the fall 2013 collection.  The Dior social media campaign strategy takes into account social media sites like Facebook and YouTube as well as TV and other digital platforms to create a comprehensive reach to prospective audiences. The move to connect and engage with audiences shows the iconic French labels move to stay ahead of the fashion competition and gain recognition for the fall 2013 line. Dior has released two commercials “The Secret Garden” and “The Secret Garden II”  set inside the Château de Versailles and set to the…