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New York Fashion Week Survival Gear

Surviving New York Fashion Week requires all of your energy; and while you are running around uptown from Lincoln Center to downtown at Milk Studios it’s important to look and feel your best so here are my top picks for my New York Fashion Week Survival Gear.

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My look for Fashion Week is paired down simplicity because I need to keep my energy up and beauty products that help me while I am on the go.

This season I am determined to keep my bag as light as possible.  Lucky for me for boyfriend Andres purchased me an iPad mini which when paired with a remote keyboard allows me to lighten my purse load and allows me to blog anywhere.

My basic beauty necessities are well…basic.

Green Tea.  I love Green Tea for the Antioxidants and it’s a good way for me to take a break.  Just add hot water and get centered.

Nars “The Multiple” in G-Spot.  The name may be racy but this product is a life saver as it is a eyes, lip and cheek color all in-one, and since my lips get chapped easily the Vitamin-E complex soothes my skin.

Evian Facial Spray. Quench dry skin, set makeup, and just get refreshed with a simple mist of this water only based spray.

Shu Uemura White Pencil. This simple little waterproof pencil is an easy way to refresh and open tired eyes. Begin by running a white pencil along the lower waterline and be careful not to make the line to thick.  This beauty artist trick gives you a more wide awake appearance and also makes the whites of your eyes appear brighter. If white is too stark, try a pale gold pencil instead.


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