New Year’s Resolution – Read More

The new yaear is here and I have been taking a little break from my blog and been busy with a new puppy named Rebecca; but now I am back rested, relaxed and ready to conquer my resolutions.  One of my top goals this year is simply to read more while taking a little break from social media each Sunday.


I like the idea of a beautiful and interesting book beside my bed and the gorgeous, honest and easy read by Grace Coddington, Creative Director of U.S. Vogue, called Grace is the perfect place to start.

Grace discusses how she transformed from model to a creative powerhouse at Vogue, all while being humble, humorous and hardworking.  She also dishes about a few famous people like Anna, Mick Jagger, or Leon along the way and recalls her love life with a candor of a trusted girlfriend.

I loved Grace in The September Issue and her memoir makes me just want to be her friend and share a coffee with her.  I just would have to make sure I would keep her entertained because she is just so interesting.

Throughout the year I will be sharing about my “new reads” and ways to disconnect from social media.

Will you be reading more this year?


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