Mobile Mind Shift

iphone-5-comparisonKeeping track of technology trends can be overwhelming but I love it and it is a good part of my job.

A fascinating trend called  The Mobile Mindshift is a relevant game changer shaking up the world of mobile, and it is a term that you will need to get acquainted with now and in the future if you are in marketing, technology or own a business or service.

Coined by Forrester Research, the Mobile Mind Shift Index talks about the power of mobile connectivity.  It states mobile is not a just a technology trend, but a complete shift in the psychology of consumers, who now expect companies to be mobile and offer solutions to consumer questions and problems.

This switch in consumer needs shows an emphasis on ‘intelligent services’ rather than fancy advertising campaigns and people who expect quick access to information via mobile devices.

Search, influenced by intent and expectation will be revolutionized as as the current state of search engine marketing is infused with a new type of personalized search.

While currently only 22% of consumers have made the Mobile Shift, Forrester has identified six stages of mobile users, ranging from Disconnecteds, who show no signs of shifting, to Perpetuals, who have shifted completely.

So as online search won’t be changing anytime soon, this is the time to prepare as this new level of engagement will impact the areas of tagging, content creation and ways to connect and engage audiences.


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