Make your name (your personal brand) your phone number

Make your name (your personal brand) your phone numer

Personalization is a special feature of tech gadgets that allow anyone to bond closer to their toy.

Love your Droid or iPhone? Of course you do, because you have personally chosen the Apps you use, the placement of Apps on your Screen, and maybe even have a picture of your favorite furry or human friend as your personal screensaver.

The process of customizing technology allows you to demonstrate your personality and showcase your brand. Now, Sprint is giving customers the opportunity to use their own name as their official phone number. In essence these numbers are a tech version of a vanity license plate and can be your name, Twitter handle or a favorite nickname.

The “StarStar” service is $3.00 a month and is being offered through a company called Zoove.

I’ve written about the new importance of your online personal brand and Facebook search; and how it is vital to think of how you are perceived in every online medium (web, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect) and now there is another way to reinforce your brand value and recognition.


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