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Keep Your Face Out of Google Ads

If you use Google, the tech giant has made changes to its privacy policy with a program called Google Ads which takes things you’ve liked, +1’s and other activity around the web and can use your name and face in advertisements for those items that can show up in other people’s Google search queries.

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Now, I find this idea unsettling but Google did provide a warning at the top of your Gmail or Chrome about the change; although you may have easily missed it.  And if you are like me the idea of advertising a product without your consent, let alone compensation is quite unsettling and a violation of privacy which is not tolerable.

So if you value your privacy, here is the scoop on how you can remove yourself from this program.

To opt out of Google Ads begin by visiting the Shared Endorsements Page.

From here uncheck the box which reads “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads” and click Save.

Once you click save you have removed yourself and more importantly your face from being used in any Google advertisements.

I hope this helps you in your day.  Please feel free to share any comments your may have too.


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