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Google Returns to In-Depth Search Results

Today writing good copy for your online publication or blog just isn’t enough; for you need to know if you content is being found online.

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How your content is found is determined by how search engines like Google index your content online, so it often doesn’t matter how ‘informative’ or ‘witty’ your prose can be; if search engines don’t find you by your SEO your content may be lost in a virtual sea of big data.  (In fact if you want to unleash your inner geek see Google’s own description of how Search works.)

Google is quietly acknowledging this situation by publically acknowledging that “10% of all users’ daily information requests require longer, in-depth analysis” and in response “search results will now return more “in-depth” articles on topics that may not be be sufficiently explained in shorter posts or news stories.”

What these means for you and me is that in-depth articles will appear in their own clearly labeled block of results, and will have a better chance of remaining relevant for months or even years after publication.

This is an encouraging sign for those who work tirelessly to create meaning content and are not writing content simple designed for SEO search.

Now, keep in mind it is still important to remember the “Filter Bubbles” still exist.

In case your wondering what it is a Filter Bubble; it is a “closed silo of content’ in which the more you engage with certain types of information (say like Grumpy Cat, Cooking Recipes, and the NY Post Gossip Section) the more search engines filter out socially important content (such as news on homelessness in the USA, that latest housing numbers or web privacy issues) that are relevant but not of the nature of which your interests are catalogued. So, basically a Filter Bubble closes us off to new ideas, subjects, and important information and can cause commonality of thought.  Here’s a good Ted Talk by Eli Pariser in case you want to hear more about it.

Hope you find this little blogging SEO tip helpful and have a beautiful day.


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