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Five Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

This winter season keep your tresses looking their best with my five tips for healthy winter hair.

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Winter means snow, holidays and indoor fun but this intense season can bring about changes to your hair.

To help keep your tresses looking their best, here is an easy list of factors to consider this season and how you ‘prepare your hair’ to be swoon ready.

1. Cold Weather – Cool weather can leave your hair vulnerable to breakage, so try a deep conditioning treatment once a week to infuse your hair with necessary oils like Philip B. White Truffle Nourishing and Conditioning Cream.

2. Indoor Heat – Being indoors exposes your hair to additional heat, which can leave it dull and dry and strip out the color.  Keep your hair shiny and healthy by using a color specific shampoo to match your shade and to keep your color longer.

3. Wind- Winter wind can make a perfectly styled hairdo and make it unrecognized the minute you arrive to the office. Protect your hair with a stylish hat like a hand knit beanie complete with a pom-pom from Grevi and use a shine boosting serum like Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum when you take off your hat to smooth hair easily into place.

4. Hair Static – Limit hair static by brushing hair with a brush made from natural, not plastic, materials.

5. Too Frequent Washing – When hair looks blah, too often we wash it and frequent washings and blow-outs can damage hair.  When you blow dry your hair make sure to towel dry hair first then use a hair dryer on a lower heat setting.


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