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    No-Tech Weekend

    Sometime you just need a technology break so as the weather promises to be beautiful I have decided to move at a slower pace this weekend. Some things on my list this weekend is to read The Great Gatsby before the Baz Luhrmann film comes out which embraces the inner English Lit major in me, listen to the entire Justin Timberlake album and enjoy a green break at the National Arboretum for the Bonsai Festival. My goal is to stay away from technology this weekend and give my mind a break to enjoy the finer things. 0

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    Mobile Mind Shift

    Keeping track of technology trends can be overwhelming but I love it and it is a good part of my job. A fascinating trend called  The Mobile Mindshift is a relevant game changer shaking up the world of mobile, and it is a term that you will need to get acquainted with now and in the future if you are in marketing, technology or own a business or service. Coined by Forrester Research, the Mobile Mind Shift Index talks about the power of mobile connectivity.  It states mobile is not a just a technology trend, but a complete shift in the psychology of consumers, who now expect companies to be mobile and…

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    Get ready for your close-up with Google Glass

      The era of Google Glass is upon us and ready or not it will be arriving to your world sooner or later. So how do you prepare for Google Glass?  Well, if you are one of those who Tweeted what they would do with Google glass at  #ifihadglass you may just be one of the lucky Beta testers. If you didn’t compete in this contest you still need to know a few things about Google Glass. Google Glass will contain apps similar to those found on a mobile/tablet device and the first round of applications that will work on Glass include: Gmail, Evernote, Path and the New York Times. The New…

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    The importance of branding is at an all time high

    The power of personal brand is becoming more important than any other point in history, as technology is giving people the ability to curate their own identity in the real and virtual world and to see how they are being perceived in real-time on the web. A major development making waves, so large the full impact is yet to be determined, is the unveiling of the Facebook Graph Search. This development connect your name directly to your likes, dislikes, daily musings, flights of fancy and even general complaints in a way that makes your innermost thoughts directly open to a unknown public searching for information. Using the new Facebook Graph…

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    Make your name (your personal brand) your phone number

    Personalization is a special feature of tech gadgets that allow anyone to bond closer to their toy. Love your Droid or iPhone? Of course you do, because you have personally chosen the Apps you use, the placement of Apps on your Screen, and maybe even have a picture of your favorite furry or human friend as your personal screensaver. The process of customizing technology allows you to demonstrate your personality and showcase your brand. Now, Sprint is giving customers the opportunity to use their own name as their official phone number. In essence these numbers are a tech version of a vanity license plate and can be your name, Twitter…