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    Create holiday invites and cards on your iPad

    Paperless Post, my favorite go-to shop to create and send my personalized card and invitations, is now available for iPad. And, with the holidays right around the corner, I couldn’t be happier to have the convenience to design my holiday cards and invitations on the go.  For if you are like me, inspiration doesn’t always hit me in my home office, so this nifty app lets me design anywhere. Paperless Post also let’s you send cards and invites online, on paper, or both and has many free options; so now you have no excuse to get creative this holiday season. 0

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    Keep Your Face Out of Google Ads

    If you use Google, the tech giant has made changes to its privacy policy with a program called Google Ads which takes things you’ve liked, +1’s and other activity around the web and can use your name and face in advertisements for those items that can show up in other people’s Google search queries. Now, I find this idea unsettling but Google did provide a warning at the top of your Gmail or Chrome about the change; although you may have easily missed it.  And if you are like me the idea of advertising a product without your consent, let alone compensation is quite unsettling and a violation of privacy…

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    Top 10 Tips to Write Good Web Content

    My mind is swimming with tons of facts, from the start of Fall Fashion, to analyzing my notes from New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014  it is important for me to get my content calendar ready and more importantly to write some stellar features; and so as I think about this topic here are my Top Ten Tips to Write Good Web Content. Writing a column or a personal blog can be daunting: you need to make contacts to get the latest information, curate content and write the content (while making the text perfect for web use). So what is the best way to write good web content?  Well…

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    Nordstrom Monitors Customers Cell Phones to See Their In-Store Shopping Behavior

    Technology is taking a larger role in shopping as last fall giant retailer Nordstrom admitted to installing a new technology in stores to monitor customers cell phones to see their in-store shopping behavior. Ironically, this trend was shown in a more open way in which Kate Spade recently launched a Virtual Store in New York City that was widely popular and required shoppers to use their cell phones to make purchases; while other retailers like Family Dollar, and specialty stores like Benetton and Warby Parker use tracking technology inside the stores. Motivated to find similar information the online giant Amazon obtains when a customer browses through the site; Nordstrom installed a system in…

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    New York Fashion Week Tech Must-Haves and Trendy Apps

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year which means it is time for New York Fashion Week. So as New York City prepares for the rush of fashionistas, editors, photographers, trend forecasters and trend setters, the excitement builds for those of sitting under the tents feverishly taking notes on every runway look. But to keep on track during the frenzy of shows that begin from 9:00 AM to 9PM and can take you all over the city; it’s important for me to use some of the latest technology to keep myself on schedule. Since these handy items can help you even if you won’t be under the tents at Lincoln Center…

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    Google Returns to In-Depth Search Results

    Today writing good copy for your online publication or blog just isn’t enough; for you need to know if you content is being found online. How your content is found is determined by how search engines like Google index your content online, so it often doesn’t matter how ‘informative’ or ‘witty’ your prose can be; if search engines don’t find you by your SEO your content may be lost in a virtual sea of big data.  (In fact if you want to unleash your inner geek see Google’s own description of how Search works.) Google is quietly acknowledging this situation by publically acknowledging that “10% of all users’ daily information requests require…

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    Use Pinterest without being tracked online

    The Internet is a place where one can discover and learn and a place where your activities can be tracked for marketing; but now Pinterest, the popular site where users ‘pin’ pictures, photos and inspirational quotes, has just announced an option for users to opt out of tracking services. So in an attempt to keep you informed of the latest technological developments, here is the latest news on a developing online privacy issue. As part of a a very short list of technologies companies that give users the option to freely use a site, Pinterest has enabled the Do Not Track feature in some Web browsers that allow people to…

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    Burberry launches the virtual Kiss Campaign

    Luxury brand Burberry looks to captivate and capture the digital marketplace with the new Kisses Campaign that allows you to send a ‘virtual’ kiss-sealed letter anywhere in the world. This social media marketing promotion, powered by Google, is in direct response to recent trends indicating apparel is the fastest-growing shopping category online; and reflects how the new consumer is choosing to shop online rather than in a store. Previously luxury brands saw the Internet as a discount shopping experience and avoided the Internet; but with shoppers flocking online brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Louis Vuitton are embracing social media and have found large followers on their Youtube channels.…

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    Top Google reader alternatives

     Google reader is no longer in existence, and if you are like me, you may be scrambling to find a new way to read all of your favorite news sites and blogs. With a little imagination and review you can find a new replacement. Some top choices are Feedly which can pull your Google Reader feeds straight into it, while maintaining a similar look and feel of the interface. Newsblur (which requires a cost of $24.00 a year), Bloglovin, Netvibes and Digg Reader. If you enjoy a more visual, picture heavy readout of the news Flipboard and Zite may be good choices. An important decision point to consider is an option…

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    Kate Spade opens virtual stores

    Kate Spade is embracing Web 2.0 by opening digital storefronts and offering 24-hour delivery in New York City to launch the new Saturday collection of clothes and accessories. Capitalizing on mobile shopping trends, the virtual stores have no inventory and no store associates on site. This experiment will begin to redefine the shopping experience and directly responds to consumer needs to purchase items ‘on demand’.  The four shoppable interactive windows, created in partnership with eBay, are being placed in formerly vacant retail stores and contain clothing and accessories in the window. The colorful windows allow people passing to casually window shop. If something catches their eye, a large touch-screen displays the…